About Us

With over 200 children in Prince Edward Island alone currently raised solely by their grandparents, I determined to start a support group in Charlottetown. Four hard years later, I can formally announce we are officially a Non-Profit titled Building GRAND-Families Inc.

I am proud to be a part of assisting these selfless contributors, who are doing this with almost no assistance. Some have used up their life savings – including retirement savings – to give their grandchildren the stability of a “home” environment.

Who are these second, or even third, time care givers? They are:

• People with unconditional love for their grandchildren,
• The “glue” that keeps the family together with nothing but the hope they have for a better tomorrow for their grandchild and their adult child,
• Witnessing their adult children struggling with addiction, or difficulties, with alcohol or drugs,
• Those whose adult children may have underlying mental health challenges or emotional problems, suffering from physical health issues, perhaps even death,
• Caring for children who are suffering emotionally or physically from neglect, abandonment, or abuse,
• Caring for their grandchildren while adult children are in jail,
• Assisting youth or inexperience of parents (youth pregnancy, etc.),
• Many, many other reasons I could not possibly condense further.

You combine some of those hardships, then add the regular financial costs of living, the legal battles, the sleepless nights, the scraping by while trying to maintain your health as well as the children in your care. This can amount to a detrimental burden, both mentally and financially with few options for assistance. Our stories are familiar and growing more common each and every day.

Now, we add working in physical isolation. This pandemic has been truly eye opening, with regards to the need for support of our unsung heroes, by offering grandparents help, whether it is by monetary, food, essentials, advice, emergency care, etc., we can make a true difference in these children’s lives.

What is the most important difference we can make? Keeping those children at home. To keep the family together has always been our main goal. It can be a very loving, positive, rewarding and beneficial experience for both generations, but this family arrangement is not without its challenges. That is where my Not for Profit comes in. We will be growing quickly with more and more options for you, the viewer, to assist.

Please like our social media pages and share this description with your friends and family. We are hoping to uncover more of these valiant souls to assist!