Lived Experiences

You are not alone.

Meet members of our community who are sharing their GRAND-Family story.

Donald B. Avery

President and founder of Building GRAND-Families Inc.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes. Once we start normalizing this, children from non traditional families will start to FEEL normal.”

My Journey: Bruises that won’t Heal

“Raising grandchildren can be challenging it is also very rewarding, you experience a much greater connection to your grandchild’s world. You know what’s most important in this story? The grandchildren are safe, healthy, happy and loved.”

PEI waterfront scene

Grandparents are Special — My Story

“Do we give up on our daughter? “NO”. All we want is for our daughter to become healthy again and to once again be raising her children as she did before all this started. She loves her kids as much as they love her.”

grandparents facing waterfront

More stories coming soon.